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From the desks of: Abbas Ravji

Subject: Internet Marketing Software suite

Dear friend,

If you own a website or provide seo services then you will know how important it is to secure a top spot on google. Once we manage to get there, then we must continually maintain it. One of the biggest issues we face as service providers or website owners is the frequent updates and changes Google makes to its algorithms.

I know first hand how frustrating this can be, I run a SEO company in the UK that manages over 50 premium clients. If my clients were effected in a negative way each time google updated then I would be out of business. So it’s fair to say that I live and sleep SEO! Further down, I’ll show you a few of my rankings, but let’s discuss what we can do to avoid major fallbacks and adverse rankings when updates are made.

The Basic Principle and Simple Solution

Google Loves Social Network Sites And Is Giving Them More Importance Day By Day

By looking at frequent updates its easy to see the focus and way forward that Google intends to go. From acquiring Youtube to releasing the Plus one button, the signs and intentions are apparent. The vast amount of authority available on the many social networking sites is immense, and we have only scratched the surface on leveraging this over to our sites.

I'm not just talking about tweets or blog posts. Oh yes these are important but what about the areas that most of us always miss - backlinks from image sites, audio sites, document sites, video sites all of which hold masses of authority. Not to forget the immense traffic they have themselves.

Why we usually over look these is because they are tedious to setup and take a lot of hours to link all together effectively. Most just give up without realizing the true potential.

So how can this be easily done?

Make it Simple – And this is the solution I’ve come up with. I’ve made an incredible system that lets users set up ALL the social network sites you need and then links them to 3 popular platforms. It then gets you set for top 10 rankings. Best of all its all white hat and Google will Love you for it :-)

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Here are Some of My Rankings

Website: - Search Engine- Google UK - Keyword: SEO News

seo news

Website: - Search engine: - Keyword: Backlink software

IM Software

Many more rankings are available upon request

You want more in-depth details....?


Let’s talk about PixelPipe -Onlywire and Tubemogul

I’m sure many have heard of one or all of these before, but if you haven’t then let me explain.

These services link to the top Social networking sites through unique api's which allow them to post images - videos - blog posts - documents and many more to your linked accounts. But even more importantly, these sites link to multiple Social Networking sites allowing you to easily post to multiple sites at one time.

Many support some of the same major sites, but they all have their own unique linking capabilities to social network sites. So it’s important to use them all in unison to make them a powerful force. Some even have plugins for wordpress sites which will send your posts to all your linked accounts giving you massive exposure. Others are better for bookmarking while others for video marketing/blog posts/image marketing or status updates. The amount of things we can do with them are almost endless.

So Here’s What I’ve Come Up With...

I’ve hand-picked the top social network sites, over 60 in total, which I have coded into an automated software. Many of you already use many of my tools, If you dont then take a look at a few reviews on some other tools of mine below.

internet testimonial
Originally Posted by MisterE
Software developers,
I urge all of you to purchase Auto Backlink Bomb just so you can learn how true suppMisterE development should be handled.
I honestly don't know how Abs finBacklinkime to offer so much attention to his customers and his creation.
I rate Auto Backlink Bomb an 11 out of 10.
Please read through the link that Abs included at the top of his sales page, then hurry bBacklinkhis page and hope that the price hasn't increased or the WSO closed.
I'm not happy, I'm ecstatic about ABB!
You won't be sorry!
internet marketing testimonial
seo topl
I think this is the best software I've purchased ever...the support is overwhelming which it's hard to find in other products. Abs provides good support and his software rocks! I'd like to recommend this to everybody...It's hard to find a product like this one and the accompanying support it offers. Thanks Abs! You're really great!!!
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Marketing software
OK guys, i got this a few days ago,and all i can say is, this is one of the best software i haAlphateamthat works, Abs has been great with support and in helping me out with some techy stuff i got wrong with the spinning of text. all working great now. also my internet provider has been down for 3 weektechy, and i have been runing this software using a dongle and its working, can not wait to see how it runs when i get my 6mb back up.
all the best Abs
marketing tool

Theres even reviews with results

software testimonial top

Originally Posted by bigbody300

Hi Warriors - i wanted to give my review of this product (currently 3:49am)

Well I have been using the software for 2-3 weeks now - and love it! support is great. Like many of you "potential buyers" I wanted to SEE SOME RESULTS FROM USERS ON THIS FORUM - SO NOW IM GIVING BACK TO THE WARRIORS & ABS!!

People want to see if results - HERE YOU GO:

Niche: Student Loans
Site Age: 2 months old
Before - SERP position - best i could get it to was bottom of 2nd page in Google using my SEO Techniques
NOW SERP position - 3rd in Google!

Another site:

Niche: Insurance
Site Age: 2 weeks old
Before - SERP position - best i could get it to was middle of 3rd page in Google using my SEO Techniques
NOW SERP position - 7th in Google! and moving up slowly

Another site:

Niche: Cellphones
Site Age: 1 year old
Before - SERP position - best i could get it to was middle of 2nd page in Google using my SEO Techniques
NOW SERP position - 5th in Google! (this happened quickly (used softeware once) so im thinking aged domains are better for this software)

I used the software about 3 times (except on last one as noted) before getting these results..but im VERY HAPPY! and the support is unbeatable! Thanks Abs!

testimonial bottom

Now to the Ways on How We can Force Google to love you and your clients

So what does the software do?

The software has been coded to create over 60 TOP social network accounts - The authority and trust of these sites are massive which we can now use to our advantage, but thats not all! These accounts will then get linked to Pixelpipe, and Onlywire allowing you to make posts and uploads from 1 place. If that wasn’t enough then I’ve also coded in a number of video marketing sites which you can link to your tubemogul account ready for marketing your videos and taking it to the next level.

FINALLY, the software will give you a full report of the sites signed up to with the usernames, email addresses used and passwords - ready for you to store or pass to your client as a report.

Lets look at that again

On offer is a piece of software that will create over 60 top social network sites, verify the emails, link them to pixelpipe, ping,fm and onlywire allowing you to post your contents from 1 place. Then pull back a report ready to hand to your clients or save for future reference. Then on top of that you have some outstanding bonuses noted further down.

What does this mean?

You can create all your networking sites, link them together and then post your content to over 60 top networking sites from Pixelpipe, and onlywire. Your contents will be sent to only top networking sites which google loves - forcing them to love you!

If your worried that this sounds all too technical for you then let me show you one of the sites in action and how simple it is to setup and run. You won’t need to worry as the software will do all the work, so all you will need to do is post away once it’s setup. Take a look at the video below

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Can you note a few sites that the software creates?

Sure a selection of sites are noted below with PR (Page rank) – These are just some of them. There are even more sites it will setup.

Social media sites

Can I use the software to setup social network sites and link them for my clients?

Yes of course you can, you can create accounts for your clients or even start a service like many do already. If you do a few searches on the net for pixelpipe or accounts then you will come to listings such as the following - 1 pixelpipe account =$40

Wickedfire - pixelpipe accounts start at $32

You will even find a few service providers here on the warrior forum.

So why is this service in demand and why are so many using it?

The Answer is Simple - Using automated tools to submit to these accounts works nowhere as it once did in the past. Social network sites have educated themselves with automated tools, automated submissions and famous automated softwares. The majority of the protection is placed in the submission part which is the actual part when you go to post in order to get your backlink.

Making your posts from sites such as pixelpipe, and onlywire that have been approved into the api system of these social network sites allows you the ability to post to them without worrying about account closures or banns.

So having an automated tool that does the setup and linking for you is a breath of fresh air because you know you can post to them in a white hat manner time and time again.

Are there any advanced techniques you could share?

Advanced? I’m not sure - but methodical yes!

The answer would be in the very famous saying - Rinse and Repeat

Just imagine if you could create your own network of high authority sites that you can post to again and again - not just blog posts or images - not just videos or tweets but even status alerts, bookmarks, documents and audio's

This is exactly what this software will allow you to do. You can create yourself a number of pixelpipe sites - sites and onlywire sites - then post from there? Maybe one post a day knowing that it will be sent to over 60 sites.

So 10 accounts=600 links and that’s diverse links across many social network sites and different c class ip's.

This all means Rapid indexing and authority links at your disposal from trusted sites. No wonder Google will be forced to love you.

So how much is this going to cost?

Many of you already know that I thrive on providing extreme value to my offers, and that's exactly what I intend to do now. So lets do some math and slash the prices so you know its true value.

I’ve already pointed you to a few service providers that get daily orders. Charging in the region of $40 for 1 pixelpipe account.

So lets just say $40 would be more then fair to ask especially with you knowing that you can use the software as many times as you like and its not only a pixelpipe account but Pixelpipe,, onlywire with a handful of tubemogul accounts.. As noted I want to ensure im providing true value so lets make this a offer not to be missed

Only $26.97 a month

Clicking the button below will take you to the warriorforum where you can see live reviews and also purchase

pixelpipe software

So lets look at that again

For your monthly fee you will get 2 pieces of software along with some great bonuses(Noted further down):

1 - One which will signup to over 60 top network sites and verify the emails
2- The 2nd piece of software will link all your created accounts to Pixelpipe, and Onlywire.

So if your a service provider that needs to create many accounts, or you are looking to create many accounts for yourself, your clients or your sites then you can run the linking script as well as the creation script together. This will make things much faster for users that demand more.

ADDITIONALLY, you will get extra sites signed up to and ready to be linked to tubemogul.

Why a monthly fee?

With over 60 social network sites to support and ensure they work month after month a number of tweaks to the tool will be required. As a result you will be assured a fully supported software that works month after month.

As I want to stick with providing value, I have kept the service cheap enough that you can sell just one account to recoup your money back.

Not only That, but I want to add tools each and every month at no extra cost - You know that I practice SEO and that I develop Bots right?- Well I have a huge amount of bots developed and in development - SO my promise to you is this - You will get new bots to add to your suite of tools each and every month - Only valuable bots that will make a difference!

Any future development plans?

Along with maintaining the software, I also plan to add more social network sites and maybe more services such as hellotxt and socialadder.

Will the price increase?

The price that you lock in at is the price you will continue to pay. Please note that early buyers are rewarded with cheaper prices, and the price will increase after every 10 sales for later buyers.

All for just

$26.97 a month

Clicking the button below will take you to the warriorforum where you can see live reviews and also purchase

internet marketing software



How long before we get access?
- You will get instant access upon purchase

I'm not too technical, do you have video tutorials showing how to use the software?
- Absolutely, I will walk you through the process and show you exactly how to use the software. I do have to say though this is by far the simplest and easiest software I have created to date.

How many licenses per a user?
- Only 1 license per a user and will only work on 1 PC. If you require a additional license after your purchase then a reduced price is available which we can discuss after purchase - Please note that only 1 extra reduced licence can be added to any 1 purchase

Will the price remain the same?
- The price is subject to change every 10 sales. Secure your copy fast and save $$

Whats the refund policy?
- If your not satisfied with your purchase then you have a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Why only 7 days? Because it is fool proof and should you actually use the software you will realize why.
- Grab your copy now while the price is low.

What about guides and video tutorials?
- Not only will I be providing guides and video tutorials but you will also be given best practice guides including a guide showing you how you can profit from using these tools from tomorrow - Thats right guys - I show you live threads making money from this service and show you how you have an incredible advantage over them -

Abbas, you always provide BONUSES - what about this offer?


Gumtree Poster added for UK and Australia - Will post to all cities

Onsite Analyzer tool added - Brings back a report for as many sites as you want - so get a report for your site along with reports for your competitors allowing you to analyze onsite factors

The onsite analyzer will bring back the following details

Title Details:
Meta Description:
Meta Keywords:

Strong Text:
Image Alt Text:
Bold Text:

External Links:
Domain Inbound Links:
Webpage Inbound Links:

Url Age:
Alexa Rank:
Page LoadTime:
Analytics Installed:
404 Error Handling:
Robots.txt File:

UPDATE 21 July 2011
Now 80+ social accounts will get signed up to - Hellotxt account signups and linking also added


"Show me some results Abbs" I hear you say -


White hat techniques -using this tool
Rapid indexing and #1 results within hours

‪Backlinks software pixelpipe,,onlywire and hellotxt‬‏ - YouTube

---UPDATE- August 5th, 2011---

SocialAdr support added

The software can now sign-up to 100 accounts and links them to SocialAdr,, onlywire, hellotxt and pixelpipe. You also get accounts created for tubemogul.

With frequent updates and new tools, I try my best to keep the sales page up-to-date.

Lots more to come!


Bonus 1

Social Bookmarker which works with Scuttle sites

Scuttle is a platform which is used for bookmarking - With this tool you can create bookmarks on the various scuttle sites which means hundreds and even thousands of Bookmarks at your disposal - I get you started with over 80 sites and also leave you with footprints showing how you can find your own - Best of all many will be do-follow.

Bonus 2

Rapid Index Attack

Getting a website indexed can be a pain - No need to worry about this anymore - I get you setup with a Rapid Indexer that works with top statistical sites - not only are these sites high authority sites but you can even add your own - I get you started with about 70+ sites and show you how you can add your own.

Bonus 3

Proxy scraper

Scrape for free proxies across the internet and pull back hundreds in a couple of minutes - A absolute must for Service providers

Bonus 4

AutoBlog Software

Does all of the following

Wordpress setup -

  • 5 themes to choose from
  • Adds must have plugins
  • deletes default posts -
  • Sets permalink structure
  • Set privacy status so that your blog is search engine crawlable

Article and Video scraper

  • Scrapes Ezine articles
  • scrapes go articles
  • scrapes article dashboard
  • scrapes youtube videos
  • scrapes based on keywords

Best Spinner Integration

  • Spin your scraped content with the best spinner(account required)

Post Schedule/ Creat articles

  • Schedule post your articles
  • add categories
  • spins the time stamp
  • optimises your posts by filling in the all in one seo pack details
  • adds video top or below article
  • adds affiliate links to posts
  • pulls back future urls ready for backlinking

Bonus 5

HIgh page rank on actual url do follow backlink software

gets you masses of authority and trust with your DoFollow backlink on the actual page with Page rank- Very cool tool

Bonus 6

Gumtree poster UK + Australia

Automate the posting of your gumtree classified adds to all cities in the UK and Australia

Bonus 7

Onsite onsite analyzer

Brings back a report for as many sites as you want - so get a report for your site along with reports for your competitors allowing you to analyze onsite factors

The onsite analyzer will bring back the following details

Title Details:
Meta Description:
Meta Keywords:

Strong Text:
Image Alt Text:
Bold Text:

External Links:
Domain Inbound Links:
Webpage Inbound Links:

Url Age:
Alexa Rank:
Page LoadTime:
Analytics Installed:
404 Error Handling:
Robots.txt File:

Bonus 8

A new tool each month will be added -


Only $26.97

internet marketing software

internet marketing software

Abbas Ravji